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Creating an RSS News Ticker

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RSS is a news feed format that has become widely available. Many newspapers or other content providers can deliver their news in a readable format. Many solutions for corporate intranets can also output RSS feeds to be used for corporate TV.

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RSS ticker object


The RSS ticker object can be found in the Objects tab. When it is drag-and-dropped onto the edit area, a dialog box appears asking for the location (URL) of the RSS. This is all you need to do! The feed will be downloaded on the player every minute and will always be kept up to date.

The RSS ticker object include only the title and description of RSS items. If more advanced setups are needed, see below.

Advanced setup

Since the RSS format is text based including it in a presentation is trivial. However, RSS feeds can include so much more than just the actual news. If need be we can use Dise tools (Dise RSS Reader, Dise Parser) to process the feed further before including it in our Dise Movie.

Dise RSS Reader is an application that can download news from multiple RSS feed providers and create simple text files that can be placed anywhere on your hard drive or network. In addition, it can download the images contained in the feeds. After this processing the RSS news can be used by Dise Composer and Dise Replay to playback the news in any form.

Here is what you do to include a RSS feed as a ticker in a presentation.

Step 1 - Install and start the Dise RSS Reader application. You are presented with the following window.


Step 2 - Stop any automatic download in progress by pressing the Stop button. Then select Add to create a new RSS feed link. You will then see the RSS Feed dialog box below.


Step 3 - Name your RSS site and fill in the edit boxes based on your RSS feed. I have used a feed from CNN in this example. Finally you need to specify the output text file where your interpreted news will be saved.


Step 4 - Advanced settings such as setting up a proxy connection can be found under the tabs to the right.

Info.png Read more: Dise_RSS_Reader#RSS_Feed_Settings_dialog


Step 5 - Press Test to see if your feed is working. Then press OK.


Step 6 - Back in the main window you can press Start and your selected RSS feed will be interpreted and a preview displayed in the window. This feed will update your text file every 5 minutes or as often as you enter in the Update Interval edit box keeping your news up to date.

Now we are ready to move on to Dise Composer.


Step 6 - Start Dise Composer and create a simple [Dise Movies, working with]]. Here I have used a preset called TV Channel News from the Dise Content available from the display evolution web site. This preset includes a ticker which says Enter text here. If you create your own scene then create a ticker and select edit selected objects from the menu as explained below.


Step 7 - Select the Ticker object by clicking on it.


Step 8 - Select Edit > Edit Selected Object from the menu to edit ticker settings.


Step 9 - In this dialog you can set Ticker-specific settings and also choose to connect the ticker text to an external text file. This is done by selecting the Data tab and clicking the Connect Data... Button.


Step 10 - In the Text File Data Connection dialog box enter or browse to the RSS textile as saved by the Dise RSS Reader application. You will see a preview of the text at the button of the dialog box. You can optionally set other parameters that controls any date stamp or processing of the text file that you want to do. Press OK to get back to the Dise Composer main window.


The final result - Live RSS feed in your presentations

There are many other ways of using RSS and tickers in Dise. You can create tickers that are always played stay on top of the other content and you can also create multiple tickers on the same scene with different feeds. You can also include multiple feeds into the same ticker to create a variety of news. You can even use effects and movement on your ticker object.

And the best thing of all is that you don't need to do any more work. Your presentation is always up to date!


Lightbulb.png Note: If you have distributed your material to a player and want it to play up-to-date RSS feeds, you will need to download and install RSS Reader on the player machine.
In Step 10, when the checkbox "File exists locally on player (don't transmit)" is ticked, it is assumed that the text file will exist, downloaded to the player machine.
It is therefore important to set the source of the data connection to a path that will actually be on the player machine, and then have RSS Reader download to that file.

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